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What is root canal treatment?
The root canal of a tooth contains the nerve or pulp. When the pulp is damaged, for instance by dental decay, then it can become inflamed or the root canal infected. This can in due course lead to a dental abscess and the tooth may have to be extracted.

Fortunately we can often save these teeth with root canal treatment. This involves cleaning out the root canal and shaping it so that we can seal it off with a root filling. This is a complex procedure requiring special instruments and careful technique.

Very fine flexible files of an increasing size are used to clean and shape the root canal. We then use a flowable root canal filling for the best possible seal. This prevents re-infection.

How long does root canal treatment take?
This depends on the complexity of the treatment. However most root canal treatments on molar teeth will take two visits of about 45 minutes to an hour each.

Very often a root canal is infected. In these cases we may dress a tooth with an antiseptic dressing for a week in order to make sure that all the infection is gone. This is why we usually need two visits.

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A root canal treatment carried out with our
specialist operating microscope

A completed root canal treatment on an upper molar

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