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What is bridgework?
A bridge is a way to replace missing teeth.

The conventional way of making a bridge is to prepare one or more adjacent teeth for crowns.  The new tooth is then supported by these crowns.

Another way is the so called "adhesive bridge".  In this method the new tooth is supported by a very thin metal plate which is fixed to the back of one or more adjacent teeth.   

Bridges can also be attached to dental implants.

What will my dentist do?
Initially one or more teeth either side of the gap will be shaped. An impression is then taken and sent to a laboratory.

These impressions are made into models which are then used by the technician to make your bridge. Sometimes a temporary bridge is fitted while the permanent bridge is being made.

The final stage is the fitting of the bridge using dental cement.

The appearance of bridgework is usually excellent and avoids having to wear a partial denture.

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In this case by Andrew Shelley a missing upper front tooth is replaced by a conventional bridge. The tooth behind is prepared for a crown and this then supports the new tooth.

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